The Springthorpe Memorial at Boroondara General Cemetery


‘ … Wagner uses the metaphor of day and night … in which the lovers must smother their mutual love and pretend as if they do not care for each other: it is a realm of falsehood and unreality. … ‘ >>>

What 3 Words geolocation: cried month lately


‘ … The morning after Annie’s death … Springthorpe vowed in his diary to remain ‘ever faithful to her dear self in body and soul – so that at the last – we may be reunited in love for evermore. …’
‘ … The major stages of the tomb’s creation marked also the critical phases in Springthorpe’s journey of grief, ‘the whole is more than a Tomb – it is the Real made Ideal – an apotheosis of love for all true lovers to the end of Time with its tale of loss, memory, separation and Reunion.’ >>>


‘ … Tristan decries the realm of daylight which is false, unreal, and keeps them apart. It is only in night, he claims, that they can truly be together and only in the long night of death can they be eternally united (O sink’ hernieder, Nacht der Lieb). …’ >>>


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  1. A remarkable place. I just heard about this tomb, am planning to visit it some time. Great photos.


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