Doc Tydon

‘ … Liddiard moved out of Melbourne over a decade ago and lives with his partner and Drones bassist Fiona Kitschin, in Nagambie. He says the town has no internet, save for what they pick up on their mobile phones, and calls its a ‘mean, nasty little place, very real’ and different to how inner-city types idealise the Australian countryside.

Hipsters with their beards and organic chais and that, they think the country is where yummy, fresh organic food comes from. They grow it out here but then it goes to the cities. Everyone out here eats McDonald’s, he says. ‘You think it’s going to be like some Devondale butter ad and then you get your head smashed in. …’  [More …]


‘ … Bad//Dreems don’t align themselves with any current music scene in Adelaide but draw inspiration from movies like Snowtown, filmed in the city’s outer suburbs.

Four or five films tie into what I’m saying: Sunday Too Far Away, Wake In Fright, Animal Kingdom and Snowtown. They deal with a very interesting side of the Australian psyche. All of those films do a similar thing that we try and do in our songs: a view of Australia that is darker, and more real.

A false version of the nation is the light, bright Australia depicted in some of its most popular films.

We have an element of cultural cringe still in Australia – where we resort to Baz Luhrmann’s Australia or The Castle – which is disgraceful. It’s taking the piss out of certain segments of our society, which is not simple, or simplistic as it is depicted in these films. …’  [More …]




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